Saturday, 30 July 2011

The last of the cakes... woop!

Well the last of the cakes have been made and I'm completely done in. These will definitely be the last that I do to order. I have stressed so much over the past few weeks and prayed that I will get them all out on time. All three. Yes, to you ardent cake makers and professionals, I salute you! As much as I love baking and decorating, it is not what I would want to do for a living. I'll stick to midwifery.

So, on to the pics


Ben and Holly

Peppa Pig & Family

I am now looking forward to spending some quality time with my partner and children during the summer holidays. Nothing extravagant, as I need to keep an eye on the pennies for uni, but some nice days out to take advantage of the free time before my life is taken over for the next three years.

Friday, 22 July 2011

More Cake Making

It was my nephew's Birthday today and his mum and dad asked me to make this Xbox controller cake for him. I'm not best pleased with it to be honest. It looks a bit too tall and not wide enough but dad was pleased with it, so what's done is done.

I've been making cakes for the last few months to save some pennies for University, however, I've probably only just about broke even once all the materials, ingredients, gas and electirc have been added up. That's not counting the hours I spend baking and decorating them. I have 3 more cakes to do next week and maybe one or two in August, then I think that will be my lot. I won't be able to make them once I start University as they are so time consuming. It was fun while it lasted and I'll hopefully still be able to make my own childrens cakes.

It has taught me a few things though. Cake making is expensive and people want something for nothing. They expect a cake that has the quality of a "cake shop" but think because it's from a friend, they will be charged the same price as  a cake from a supermarket.  While I do enjoy making cakes, they take hours to make and while I love my friends and family, I am hard pressed making a cake that will not cover my expenses, never mind standing 6+ hours and stressing that I will do the cake justice. 

Oops, more moaning from me but I feel better now that's off my chest!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Manchester United

I've not long delivered the cake I was making yesterday and I'm glad to be giving my poor tootsies a rest. I would not advise wearing 4 inch wedges while decorating a cake!  

I was given the design for the cake on Saturday, so the time scale was so tight. I bought the Manchester United icing sheet from a lovely lady at kathryns-cakes, who got me out of a pickle by posting these out at such short notice. Thank you so much! I've never used printed sheets before but they were so easy to use. I will definately be using Kathryns-cakes again if I need more sheets in the future.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Egg theif!

A few weeks back, my darling cat, Huggit, decided to steal a birds egg and run through our lounge, clutching it between her teeth. My 9yo daughter claimed the egg and decided she  would keep it warm in the airing cupboard. I explained that it wouldn't survive as the airing cupboard might be too warm, or not warm enough, for our little eggy friend. This didn't deter her at all.

7 days later, I was putting away the laundry and went to put towels in the airing cupboard. I was laughing away to myself thinking how funny it would be if our little eggy friend did hatch. I had the shock of my life when I picked the up the egg. I could feel the tiny birdy pecking away inside and had already managed to crack the outer shell.

Having already Googled baby birds, I knew that this birdy wouldn't have a chance if we tried to care for it ourselves, as they need feeding every 10-15 minutes. So I phoned around looking for somewhere that had experience in these situations. Eventually we found The British Wildlife Rescue Centre who said I could bring the egg there.

My daughter was so eggcited excited when I picked her up from school and she couldn't stop repeating how brilliant she was. I was very proud of her for giving this baby bird a chance. We then  drove 25 miles to the rescue centre who were shocked, as we all were, that the bird had survived so long but told me to phone back in 2 days and they would let us know what sort of bird it was.  

Just before we left for the Rescue Centre at 5pm 

Unfortunately, this is where the lovely part of story ends. We phoned back 2 days later and were told that our baby Pigeon had hatched at 12:30am but unfortunately didn't make it through the night. I was so sad to tell my daughter but I made sure that she knew how proud of her I was and that she had done such a lovely thing for the baby pigeon. We still can't believe that it survived 7 days in the airing cupboard. I just hope our cat stays away from bird nests in the future!

Not going as expected...

Everyday 1

 Well after setting up this (very basic) blog, I've deserted the poor thing! I don't know if it's because I have nothing to say, am too lazy to take pictures or my life is so mundane that it isn't worth putting into words. Hmmmm, note to self, Get Motivated!

Anyway, this is similar to what I wore today. I'm also sitting here wearing a fetching green apron, waiting for my latest cake to bake, which will be a Manchester United theme. Not in the mood for baking today but as they want it for tomorrow, I better get cracking! ( cake, eggs, CRACKING?...... I'll get my coat)